About us

Our common goal is to create a nationwide network of waste recycling and more green spaces of harmfull objects. Recycling: All recycled waste are separated to different categories that are effective for the ongoing of recycling. Waste are not thrown away, not buried and not burned. BRECYCLE is a company which is structured in order to make the processing of plastics and various urban waste in the most rapid and simple in order to avoid contamination and pollution with a great goal to protect the environment that we live in

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Welcome to BRecycle

BRECYCLE is a new venture, which operates in the field of processing and recycling waste, and in particular in the recycling of plastic waste. Equipped with an implant of 2000 kg / h and able to handle up to 12,000 tons / year of PET bottles from the collection of any material producing recycled PET in the form of high quality flakes ,able to meet every market requirements both domestic and for export. Not all recycled PET processes are equal, but most have similar features that are needed to produce a final product with a high quality. Recycling Line is designed to receive, classify, produce and deposit recyclable materials properly and safely. Also we recycle PET plastic waste from various industries, to be used again in the factories of their origin. One of our services is the orders we receive from our clients.

We also implement new recycling system based on our extensive knowledge and our experience in plastic recycling.Brecycles work, is dedicated to the Albanian legislation and international law norms of standardized ISO 9001-2008 and in specifically.

Directives 2008/98/KE on waste, and the legalization of it in December 2008, which provides a new approach to waste management, based on prevention of spreding the negative impacts of waste management on human health and environment .Brecycle goal is to limit the production of waste, and promote the use of waste as a resource by recycling and reuse.

BRECYCLE is equipped with the appropriate license and environmental permit Plastics Recycling Plastic Recycling issued by MMPAU. BRECYCLE operates with the intention to be able to offer to customers and the so on , more high quality services, to provide them with clean and healthy environment, thus becoming the leading company in the field of collection, recycling and processing of plastic materials and waste philosophy BRECYCLE is similar to the philosophy of our society: Our desire is to create entirely new systems to reduce environment pollution and to improve and to contributefor a clean environment and healthy society.