About Us

About Us

Our common goal is to create a nationwide network of waste recycling and more green spaces of harmfully objects.

Recycling: All recycled waste are separated to different categories that are effective for the ongoing of recycling. Waste are not thrown away, not buried and not burned.

BRECYCLE is a company which is structured in order to make the processing of plastics and various urban waste in the most rapid and simple in order to avoid contamination and pollution with a great goal to protect the environment that we live in.

BRECYCLE is located in Municipality Otllak in Berat and its subsidiary in Tirana, specialized with  professional technology, equipment and excellent experience in technology development of selection process,recycling waste and plastics. It offers speed, convenience and quality in the administration of the entire waste management process by establishing excellent relationships with its customers and numerous partners.

In order to  operate in the market as the best, we have cooperated with professional researching institutes to improve processes and bring high-tech innovation.

BRECYCLE responds to the needs of  our clients and this is our primary mission. With an effort to improve the way of  the processing and selection of materials and waste, we are constantly evolving and looking for new techniques and facilities. Our website is designed to give an overview of our activity and our ethics of work, with the aim of cooperating with us, and detailed knowledge of the industry in which we operate.