BRECYCLE offers numerous services  that ,meet the specific needs of clients in both the public and private sectors. We offer a wide range of solutions in waste management and recycling, environmental pollution risk, climate change and energy. We have expanded our activities in the selection, processing, collection, transport, storage, disposal, recycling different types of waste, as well as import-export of waste for recycling purpose, processing and marketing of urban waste and urban waste liquid.

Selection, processing, storage, transportation,disposal, recycling of various types, as well as import and export of waste for recycling purpose, processing or use is our primary activity. We are focusing more on developing new business with local partners, where environmental issues have become important, so that they can enjoy the extraordinary economic growth without damaging consequences to the environment that surrounds us.

Suitable service  to your needs

BRECYCLE is a growing enterprise, offering an excellent service and processing waste management, cleaning and disposal of urban environments. Transportation service, supply, treatment, processing with specialized vehicles;

  • drinking water
  • technological water
  • industrial water
  • white waters
  • sewage
  • water and other liquid mixture derived from industrial wells, oil and gas as well as for personal use

We are very satisfied when we receive the feedback, and meet the requirements of our clients by offering customized service as they deserve. As much as the planet’s population grows, the more we need to cooperate to develop strategies to a better preserving strategy to our natural resources. To avoid damage and contamination of the environment and nature need to reduce as much environmental impact and take care of a better future for the generations of tomorrow.

Realizing this fact BRECYCLE become your colaborator  to reduction, cleaning, separation and recycling of waste in order to reduce their impact on the environment.

We feel really proud to be your partners for a healthy future.